Palworld Community Manager Reveals "Favorite Part" of Upcoming Summer Update

Palworld's upcoming summer update includes a few ridiculously cute Pals.

Over the last few weeks, the developers at Pocketpair have been teasing its fans about the massive update coming to Palworld this summer. We know that the team plans to reveal the update in full at Summer Game Fest next week, but that hasn't stopped the team from giving fans a few extra hints to keep the hype as high as possible. Recently, one of the team's community managers posted a new clip to Twitter, showing off one of the cutest parts of the upcoming update. While not as exciting as some of the other features, it's sure to be a hit with Palworld fans all over.

Palworld Devs "Leak" Cute New Pals


The new tease was posted by Pocketpair community manager Bucky on their Twitter page. There, they highlighted their "favorite part" of the update. It's a little thing, but the teaser shows the player character hanging out with the new frog Pals we've seen teased in previous updates. However, in this clip, we see the frogs lounging in a pond. Bucky claims the frogs are sleeping, though some players have noticed that they look like they might've been knocked out or worse. Either way, seeing the little frogs rolling around like beachballs is undeniably one of the cuter things we've seen in Palworld.

Of course, that's not all that's coming in the massive summer update. We already know that at least four new Pals are coming, including the frog. There's also the possibility that we're getting a few new variations on old Pals, but that hasn't been completely confirmed by Pocketpair. The devs also claimed it's revealing a few "long-awaited features" at the reveal this week, but unfortunately, that won't include the promised PvP Arena. We know that feature is slated to launch this year, it just won't be ready for the summer update. Instead, players should expect to see that later this year, most likely in the fall. 

Summer Game Fest kicks off on June 7th at 5pm ET. The conference is scheduled to run for two hours and SGF is partnering with more than 55 companies. Expect a ton of announcements in addition to the Palworld update. For example, companies like 2K Games, Sega, and Capcom will be at the show. Several of them are sure to have major announcements ready for fans.

Palworld is available now on Xbox and PC platforms via early access.