New PS2 Games Are Finally Coming to PS5 and PS4

Sony has finally listened to PlayStation fans.

Sony has announced that it will finally be bringing more games from the PlayStation 2 library forward to make them accessible on PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4. Back in 2022, Sony overhauled its PlayStation Plus subscription service in a big way. In doing so, it introduced a new tier called PS Plus Premium, which featured "classic" games from older PlayStation platforms. Since then, Sony has continued to release titles from legacy platforms onto PS Plus (and the PlayStation Store), but the PS2 has notably been left out. Fortunately, this isn't going to hold true for much longer as Sony is now bringing PS2 games to current hardware after many requests from fans. 

As of this month, Sony will be bringing its first wave of PS2 games to PlayStation Plus. Set to go live on June 11th, this initial lineup of PS2 titles will feature Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus, and Tomb Raider Legend. All three of these games will be available to download and play at no cost for those who have a PS Plus Premium membership. Assumedly, this trio of PS2 titles should be able to be purchased on their own via the PS Store as well. Each is also likely to contain new graphical features and trophies in their jump to modern platforms as well. 

(Photo: PlayStation Blog)

Moving forward, it's likely that Sony should start to bring over more PS2 games of this type to PS Plus. Over the past couple of years, the PS1 and PSP have likely been the two biggest libraries that Sony has pulled from when it comes to adding to PS Plus Premium. As a result, the PS2 catalog is still rife with many games that fans would love to see become more widely accessible on current PlayStation hardware. Whether or not your own favorite hits PS5 or PS4 soon remains to be seen, but it's still good to see that Sony is now beginning this process. 

How do you feel about seeing more PS2 games make their way to current PlayStation consoles? And are there any specific games from the PS2 that you'd like to see arrive sooner rather than later? Be sure to let me know for yourself over on X at @MooreMan12