My Hero Academia Epilogue Debuts Deku's Post-War Makeover

My Hero Academia Chapter 424 revealed Deku's new look after the war!

Warning! Massive spoilers for My Hero Academia Chapter 424 to follow! My Hero Academia has officially kicked off the epilogue for the manga series with its newest chapter, and with it has debuted Izuku Midoriya's new look after the war! My Hero Academia has been spending the last few years fighting through the final battles against All For One and Tomura Shigaraki, and with the previous chapter officially brought these fights to an end with the final blow against All For One. Now it's been confirmed that the fight is done, and thus it's time for Deku and the others to move on with their lives. 

My Hero Academia has ushered in an official epilogue following the end of the fight against the villains, but it's clear that the manga is far from over. The creator behind it all revealed plans to explore more of the aftermath in an extended epilogue story, and the newest chapter starts all of this off by having Deku recover from all of his injuries. It's revealed that it's all had quite the impact on him physically, and with the newest chapter gave him a new look following everything that happened to Deku during the war. 

(Photo: Shueisha / Viz Media)

My Hero Academia 424: Deku Begins His Post-War Life

My Hero Academia Chapter 424 confirms that the fight against All For One has ended, and heroes from all over the world have come to Japan to help with the recovery efforts. It's meant that everything has been rebuilt faster than expected, and Deku and the rest of the heroes were able to take their time and recover from all of their injuries. It's quite the lengthy process, and Deku's narration from the beginning wraps back around to note that he used to think differently when he was little. 

Noting that he thought that peace would be restored after the battle, it was clear that until they lead the way towards a bright future their fight is not over yet. It's here that fans see Deku's new look, which comes from the loss of a bit of a his hair due to all of the injuries he took over the course of the fight. This is only his immediate post recovery look, however, and we'll likely see Deku take on all sorts of other looks before the manga comes to its official end.