One Piece: Sanji Simps Harder Than Ever Thanks to New Stussy Scene

One Piece Episode 1107 just had Sanji at his most simp yet thanks to Stussy!

One Piece just might have shown Sanji at his most simp level yet with a new Stussy scene in the latest episode of the anime! One Piece: Egghead Arc has been setting up for the next major phase of the anime's latest arc as the Straw Hats are now searching through Dr. Vegapunk's massive future island laboratory in order to find the missing scientist. All the while there's quite a bit of chaos brewing on the outside, so it won't be too much longer before the Straw Hats are caught in the midst of chaos once more. 

But while the One Piece anime has slowed down just a bit in order to really get ready for what's coming next for Luffy and the Straw Hats, there are still plenty of character moments for the crew as they get to show off more of their respective personalities. This is especially true for Sanji, who shows off more of the worst aspects of himself as he's absolutely losing it over the prospect of getting to travel together with Stussy as he recognized her during his wedding in the Whole Cake Island arc. Even going so far as to turn himself into her dog in Episode 1107. 

One Piece 1107: Sanji Simps Over Stussy

One Piece Episode 1107 splits the Straw Hats into smaller groups as they search for Dr. Vegapunk, and Sanji was all too happy to be walking around with Stussy. He tells her he's excited about getting to travel together with her once the Straw Hats successfully escape Egghead together with Vegapunk, and wants to be Stussy's servant. Taking it even further, he asks her to call him her dog. But rather than turn him down completely, Stussy plays into it so that Sanji can start looking for Vegapunk seriously. 

Sanji then becomes a full dog in response as he bounces around, panting with his tongue sticking out, and even full on barks in response to Stussy telling him to be careful. One Piece fans are no strangers to seeing Sanji losing himself over a woman, but it's definitely taken to a wild new level here as he's very much debased himself just because Stussy's paying him just a little bit of attention. Given that these are also just extensions of her spy skills over the last few years, it definitely makes Sanji seem all the more ridiculous as a result.