Interview With the Vampire Season 2 Episode 4 Recap With Spoilers: "I Want You More Than Anything In The World"

Claudia's role with the Theatre des Vampires isn't exactly what she hoped in Episode 4.

Last week on Interview With the Vampire, Claudia became a full member of the Theatre des Vampires and the Paris coven, but her joy quickly turned to horror when she realized that the coven planned to have her spend the next half a century playing a child on stage. Meanwhile, Armand and Louis' relationship continued to develop, but Armand revealed to Louis that he knows about the murder of Lestat. This week, Claudia tries to settle into her new life with the coven but finds it more difficult than she ever could have imagined.

Warning Spoilers for Interview With the Vampire Season 2, Episode 4, "I Want You More Than Anything in The World" beyond this point.

Claudia takes the stage performing in the new play the Theatre has written for her and Louis attends her performance. The audience loves her but she's miserable, though in the interview, Armand tries to do dismiss it as Claudia paying her dues. The play ends up being so popular that they had to add additional shows and audiences grew. The coven isn't thrilled with the success Claudia is having and Claudia isn't either. The more she has to perform, the more detached and bored she becomes. Armand says it's sabotage. When she speaks up for herself to Armand, she's punished by being forced to wear her infantilizing costume constantly. Santiago sort of stands up for Claudia, but instead uses it to take shots at Armand's relationship with Louis and his own distraction.

The interaction forces Louis and Armand to define their relationship and Armand isn't excited that Louis doesn't see it as a companionship the way he does. Louis agrees to spend more time with the coven. Louis continues to be haunted by Lestat. For Louis, it's a tactile experience, though Armand says it was nothing he was aware of. Daniel ends up asking Armand and Louis about the fire at the theatre, something they hadn't brought up. Armand goes on the defense and it triggers more memories for Daniel, unsettling him.

Claudia continues to journal and is caught by Santiago. She defends her journal by saying it's just her thoughts and he has her read some to her. He warns her that Armand may not see her journal as harmless and reveals that his maker was killed for making him in violation of the law. Later, while out advertising for the Theatre, Claudia visits the dressmaker and leaves her a flyer for the show.

The coven is out together and Louis has joined them, spending most of his time talking with Claudia about what he's been experiencing in Paris, much to the annoyance of the coven who are dealing with changes issues as things are coming apart for them. Santiago mimics Louis and makes it clear that he knows Louis is not actually from Gary, Indiana. Louis attacks Santiago, enraging Armand who pauses time and controls the situation. Louis leaves. Sometime later, Louis goes to try to get his photography a dealer. The dealer tells Louis that his work doesn't really have the same level of artistic skill as others, upsetting him. In the present, Daniel looks over the photography and Louis comes to realize that many of the photographs in his portfolio aren't actually his own. Daniel continues to have memories of Armand in his head, unsettling him and asks for aspirin for his "migraine".

The dressmaker attends on of Claudia's shows and she's happy. Upset back at home, Louis vents about his photography being critiqued to the Lestat that is haunting him. Lestat suggests Louis have patience. They're interrupted by Armand quoting Shakespeare outside for Louis. They go for a walk. Claudia visits the dressmaker at her shop with the dressmaker making her a new dress. The dressmaker opens up to Claudia about her own history, how her family all died and how during the war, she was lovers with a German soldier and after the war it made her a traitor to her countrymen.

Armand takes Louis to an art museum. The paintings are Armand's versions of photographs in a sense. Louis is upset after the confrontation at the restaurant and accuses Armand of acting like Lestat. Louis eventually asks Armand who he is and Armand takes him to a particular painting by a contemporary of his maker, Marius. He reveals that he is in the painting, Amadeo at 20. He reveals that he was rescued from a brothel when he was 15, that his real name was Arun and that his parents had unknowingly sold him into slavery. Marius eventually rescued him, though he did still sometimes share him. He reveals the coven in Rome named him Armand after the coven killed Marius and sent him to Paris to that coven. Armand is interrupted with the coven alerting him that Claudia missed her chore at the Theatre and he drags her back and reveals he knows about Lestat — and tells her she cannot see the dressmaker again.

At home, Louis burns his photos. Claudia confronts Louis about Armand's knowledge of Lestat and how Louis has filled in the details. Claudia tells Louis that Armand threatened her but Louis doesn't believe her.  She's enraged that he's picked Armand over her and storms out. Louis leaves with "Lestat" to hunt and while out, Santiago breaks into the apartment. Louis breaks up with the ghost of Lestat he carries with him, silencing the voice which is really is own. Lestat fades away and Armand approaches. Armand explains that the coven is about to mutiny and Santiago wants his job. Louis says he's going to stay in Paris and suggests that Armand let Santiago think he's in charge and he will overplay his hand letting Armand have control again.  At the apartment, however, Santiago finds Claudia's journal and proof of her involvement in Lestat's murder.

In Dubai, Louis is enraged about the photos in his portfolio and he and Armand fight. Even as it happens, Daniel is flooded with memories of San Francisco and the first interview. He also finds photographs of himself with Louis… and enhanced audio from the 1973 interview that reveals so much more than he previously recalled: Armand.

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