RoboCop: Part Man, Part Machine, All Funko Pop

RoboCop Funko Pops get a reboot.

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The last time Funko launched a RoboCop Pop figure was way back in 2013, and it was a single figure of Alex Murphy. Today they delivered a full wave that includes RoboCop without his mask, the villain Clarence Boddicker, and a super-sized ED-209 in the common lineup. However, the most coveted Pop of the collection will undoubtedly be the exclusive metallic RoboCop in his full armor. 

The metallic RoboCop Funko Pop is an Entertainment Earth exclusive that you can pre-order right here while it lasts. Inside that link you'll also find the common figures. Note that US shipping is free on orders $79+. If you prefer, you can grab the commons right here on Amazon as well. You can check out more of this week's new Funko Pop releases right here

Will There Be Another RoboCop Reboot?

Last year, reports claimed that Amazon was considering a new RoboCop movie and TV series, though news has been scarce on that front as of late. We have to imagine that it will happen at some point, though they would be wise to avoid the issues that plagued the 2014, PG-13 reboot starrting Joel Kinnaman:

"It was a cool experience. I think if I would have done it now, I think I would have inserted myself more into it," Kinnaman confirmed to while promoting his new film Silent Night. "I love [director] José's [Padilha] concept into it. The one thing, I think, was lacking in that film, I like to be self-critical, I think that it was one of those films where I think, we who made it didn't fully take into account what RoboCop was for the fans. Tonally, that sort of [Paul] Verhoeven satire, because it's so ingrained in the RoboCop franchise and its being. It's different when a new filmmaker comes in and puts his voice on it, and José had a very clear image of what he wanted to do, it was an anti-Empirialistic take, and I think that movie would have done better if we had listened more to the fans beforehand. But I think it stands alone ... I almost think the RoboCop film we did would have been a better movie if it wouldn't have been named 'RoboCop.'"

Original RoboCop director Paul Verhoeven had his own take on the reboot: 

"The problem there, I felt, was that he was really aware that he lost all his legs and arms. He knows it from the very beginning," Verhoeven shared with Metrograph. "The beautiful thing about the original RoboCop, what makes it not just pure tragedy or whatever, is that he really does not know anymore. He gets a couple of vague flashes of memory when he goes to his old house, but RoboCop is not a tragic figure. Yes, he's killed in the most horrible way in the beginning. But when we see him again as a robot, he doesn't feel that. In the new one, because he remembers everything, he's much more tragic. We wanted you to accept him at the beginning as a robotic cop. That's what they did to him. In my opinion, I thought it was a problem to make him more tragic."