The Boys Roast Donald Trump Sneakers With New Homelander High-Tops

The Boys isn't missing a beat with its latest faux promo, taking aim at former president Donald Trump and his new gold sneakers.

Amazon's The Boys didn't miss the headlines last week about Donald Trump's infamous new line of gold-colored sneakers. In a new promo (that's perfectly on-brand for The Boys), Vought International decides to get into the sneaker business with a pair of sneakers designed in the style of America's no. 1 superhero, Homelander! 

"Today, Vought is proud to announce the Homelander High-Tops! Based on our greatest hero's boots, these shoes will make you feel like you can fly," the promo caption reads. "Available at a Super deal of $777, with all proceeds going to his legal defense fund. Get yours before his sham of a trial on June 13!"

Once again, The Boys seems to be riding the wave of current socio-political events perfectly heading into Season 4. Season 3 wrapped in Summer of 2022 – well before showrunner Erik Kripke and co. could've known that their Season 3 cliffhanger would become our actual reality. 

(SPOILERS) If you didn't see it, The Boys Season 3 finale saw Homelander (Antony Starr) reunite with his son Ryan at a rally, where an anti-Homelander protester threatened Ryan, causing Homelander to vaporize him on the spot. Instead of being arrested or sparking terror, Homelander was embraced and even cheered on by the crowd. It was made clear that society has entered a new era – one where the strong man is celebrated as king, no matter what he did. 

The idea of Homelander being a stand-in for President Donald Trump has been woven into The Boys TV series since the beginning – but it's a reference that just keeps on working!  Heading into Season 4, the showrunners have been framing events of The Boys (and new spinoff show Gen-V) around the idea of Homelander being put on trial for his murderous actions at the rally – which will spark some of the very same questions about power and accountability that are currently being debate in the real-life trials (plural) Donald Trump is embroiled in. 

This latest promo for The Boys satirically skewers the Trump sneakers for being the cash-grab and sub-culture pandering many online sneaker-heads saw it as – and even goes so far as to openly imply that Trump's sudden run of such merchandise is all part of a larger scheme to indirectly raise funds for his legal defense, by fleecing his supporters. 

At least The Boys gives a framework to laugh and mock such a move by Vought, without inciting a political flame-war. 

The Boys Season 4 premieres on Amazon Prime Video on June 13th.