A Quiet Place: Day One Super Bowl Trailer Debuts Online

The Super Bowl brings a new Quiet Place trailer.

A Quiet Place: Day One has a brand new trailer just in time for the Super Bowl. In the new Paramount movie Lupita Nyong'o plays a character that was in a big city the day everything went sideways. A Quiet Place: Day One serves as a prequel for the first Quiet Place back in 2018. This movie helps fill in some of the gaps that led the Abbott family to be perceived all those years ago. Viewers likely suspect that there's something else a foot as Paramount Pictures has kept a tight lid on the prequel. A Quiet Place: Day One is a follows-up to a massive franchise, but it also seems to be setting up something bigger waiting in the wings.

"This notion of a quiet New York is one that will arrest many," Nyong'o said of the film to EW. "It's an impossible thing to imagine…. When you live there, you block out all the sound quite naturally. You just forget to hear the sound. I realized how hard it would be to survive in a world that required you to be silent in that particular city."

A Quiet Place Brings The Drama

(Photo: Paramount Pictures)

A Quiet Place might be a horror franchise, but that doesn't mean it can't bring the drama too. Last month, Discussing Film talked to Alex Wolff, star of A Quiet Place: Day One. For those who don't know, A Quiet Place: Day One is a prequel to the previous films. In addition, this time the action stems from seeing how a city deals with the kind of threat the protagonist face and those other projects. Wolff argues that the pedigree is there to classify this film as a drama. Although, don't tell anybody he said that.

"That's not a horror movie, not really. I might get in trouble for saying that," Wolff told Discussing Film earlier this year. "It's from the director of Pig, this film I did, so it's very ... It's more a drama. It's weird going from a $2 million movie to a $100 million movie, and working with the same director and in the same proximity [as the other actors]. There's only about four or five characters in it. So it was kinda like making Pig, just on a massive scale."

Hype For A Quiet Place: Day One

(Photo: Paramount)

A lot of fans are still in the dark about what's been going on with the prequel movie. Paramount's synopsis is basically just, "See where this all started." Despite this, there is still buzz around A Quiet Place: Day One. During the press day for 65, Scott Beck and Bryan Woods took some time to praise the upcoming movie. 

"I mean the Quiet Place spinoff that's shooting right now: Michael Sarnoski, just an incredible filmmaker and kind of has that great tonality that he showed in his movie 'Pig.' And to carry on that legacy is just incredibly exciting for us," Beck told ComicBook.com in spring of 2023. "As much as we know about the story, we're also eager to see in other people's hands where it really goes. So if our career becomes just birthing a bunch of franchises, then we're happy with that! [Laughs]."

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