Arcane Season 2 Comes to Life in Stunning Fan Poster

Arcane season two is slated to premiere in November 2024.

Arcane season two is not that far off. It has been quite the wait, but come November, the hit animated series will return. Now, Netflix has posted a special new look at the series, and Arcane fans are already emotional thanks to the key visual.

As you can see below, the fan-made visual was released in tandem with this year's Annecy Festival. The event, which is focused on all things animation, will Arcane season two in the spotlight with Netflix's help. A panel is expected to go live for Arcane that breaks down the production of season two, so artist viollynt decided to piece together a special visual in honor of season two

The visual, as you can see it above, puts two familiar faces center stage. We can see Jinx and Vi together, but this time, the sisters' roles are quite literally reversed. This kind of dynamic fits the pair given what we saw from Arcane season one, so hopefully, the sisters will have plenty on hand to keep fans busy when season two drops. 

Currently, Netflix is slated to bring Arcane season two to life in November 2024. The show's return comes some years after season one launched as the 2021 title became an instant hit. Heralded as one of Netflix's best animated originals, Arcane put Studio Fortiche on the map, and it didn't take long for a season two order to come through. If you have not seen season one of Arcane, the show is streaming on Netflix now. So for more info on the League of Legends series, you can read its official synopsis below:

"In the cities of Piltover and Zaun, tensions rise as inventors, hooligans, politicians, and crime lords grow increasingly dissatisfied with the constraints of a devastated society. With the situation on the verge of being unsustainable, two sisters steal an artifact of immeasurable power. Discovery and danger collide as heroes are born and bonds are broken. Will this power change the world? Or will it lead to ruin? This is the world of Arcane."

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