X-Men Reboot Preview & In A Violent Nature Review

This podcast episode looks at the end of an X-Men era, the horror film 'In A Violent Nature', Netflix's Atlas movie, the Moana 2 trailer - and more!

The ComicBook Nation crew breaks down Marvel's milestone ending to X-Men's Krakoa Era and previews what's coming with the "From the Ashes" reboot of the comics. There's also a look at the teaser trailer for Disney's Moana 2 and the all-star cast of Knives Out 3! 

PLUS: A review of Jennifer Lopez's Netflix movie Atlas, the MCU Blade Movie is in trouble (again); is James Gunn Tapping a The Boys star for a major DCU Role? As well as streaming reviews for Madame Web, The First Omen and more!

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In A Violent Nature Review

ComicBook Nation host Kofi Outlaw gives In a Violent Nature 3 out of 5 stars, writing that while the main distinguishing feature of the film (being told from the perspective of a Jason Vorhees Slasher-Killer) wears thin at times, some innovative kills (including one instant-classic scene) and a wave of anxiety and fear that's achieved in the final section make writer/director Chris Nash's debut a noteworthy one. 

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