Ghost of Tsushima Gets Another Surprising Update for PS5 and PS4

Another important update has hit Ghost of Tshushima.

Sucker Punch Productions has pushed out another unexpected update for Ghost of Tsushima across PlayStation consoles. Earlier this month, Sucker Punch's open-world samurai game finally came to PC and has since received a major second wind. For those on PS5 and PS4, though, Ghost of Tsushima largely hasn't received any new updates for the past two years as Sucker Punch has instead opted to move on to work on different projects. For this week, though, this has not proven to be true. 

As of this week, update version 2.21 for Ghost of Tsushima has gone live on both PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4. This marks the third such patch that the game has received on consoles in the past month, all of which have largely come about as a result of this new PC version. This latest patch is no different as the goal of the update is to improve the crossplay component of Ghost of Tsushima so that the console versions can better work in tandem with the PC edition. 

"Patch 2.21 will be rolling out for console players today," Sucker Punch said on its official social channels. "This patch contains further improvements to crossplay and updates our matchmaking service across all supported platforms to improve stability for PC players."

Although new updates continue to surprisingly release for Ghost of Tsushima on PS5 and PS4, there's a good chance that Sucker Punch won't continue this for much longer. At this point in time, Ghost of Tsushima is seen as a content-complete title which means that new features or other major overhauls to the game itself likely won't be coming about. Instead, Sucker Punch and the PC port's developer, Nixxes, will likely continue to tweak this new version of the game in small ways moving forward. If additional stability improvements are needed for crossplay purposes on PS5 and PS4 then we might see more patches for GoT on consoles, but these patches will surely be pretty small in nature. 

Moving forward, it's widely expected that Sucker Punch is working on a sequel to Ghost of Tsushima, particularly given how successful the first game was. Whether or not this project is announced soon remains to be seen, but a new State of Play event transpiring within the coming day could prove to be a venue where the follow-up entry is unveiled.